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Digital Marketing Solutions

“Semi-design Solutions” believe that digital marketing is an important and essential element for the success of any project, regardless of its size and the field to which it belongs, as it can reach customers in any place and time. Therefore, our team works through digital marketing to reach the best situation to make the purchase decision by customers, which is what Our customers need it. So SDS team is the perfect partner in your coming digital marketing step.

Definition of digital marketing

The term electronic marketing expresses the marketing process for different products or services over the Internet, and this process aims to deliver these products or services to different segments of the audience interested in the activity, and companies may benefit from this process to deliver a message about themselves or conduct an Internet search, and the importance of E-marketing in the marketing processes from considering the Internet an effective way to determine the market that will be targeted, in addition to being an aid to studying the requirements and needs of the marketing sector.

The most important digital marketing strategies

Create a website

The website of the company / entity is considered a digital interface that helps them to be present permanently for work, and it is also the first destination for customers who want to know more about the activities of this company before making a purchase decision or taking advantage of the services it provides; Thus, this strategy can be considered a necessity for e-marketing.

Social media platforms

Social networking sites can be used as a strategy of e-marketing strategies, as they are platforms based on communicating with people, allowing direct communication with current and potential customers alike, and the benefit of sharing content from pictures, texts, videos, and audio recordings, in addition to the possibility of obtaining For responses and comments from clients about business activity.

Service Features

  • Market Research
  • Audience Study & Segmentation
  • Case Study & Define Targets
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Managing Accounts & Campaigns

Our Development Process



Semi-design Solutions team begins with a case study, preparing technical analysis and business strategy, clarifying the business case, determining needs and goals, as well as studying the market and target audience, and studying and analyzing competitors' performance for the business.



We begin setting goals and setting trends, starting with planning the business identity of the activity and preparing creative content and modern designs, to publishing and managing accounts for the activity through various means.

Start earning your profits

Start earning your profits

We collect and analyze information, data and results, follow up and manage the publishing and promotion process, to ensure excellent appearance and competition in the market.

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